Be a goat. Give a goat.

Winning doesn’t just happen on the course. That is why RangeGoats GC is committed to helping youth and families around the world improve their circumstances and create opportunities for a better life. 

Our herd may be small, but we aim to have a global impact… one goat at a time. Around the world, owning a goat can be life-changing for an entire family by providing a continued source of nourishment. It can even equip a family to build a business selling milk, butter and cheese, which puts them on the path towards independence and sustainability.

We are honored to partner with Convoy of Hope in support of their goat giving and agricultural intervention programs via a pledge to give a goat* for every team we beat at each LIV Golf event. That means the better we play, the more lives we will positively impact.

Founded in 1994, Convoy of Hope has served over 200M people globally and is on a mission to feed the hungry and bring help and hope to communities that need it most.

*Goats are representative of Convoy’s current agriculture interventions around the world, and the cost is based on global averages. Donations support Convoy’s Agriculture initiative at large – helping people receive the tools and resources they need to thrive.